Dark Lipstick – Start Using It!

All my life, I have adored lipstick. Rather red, rather matte as hell, rather velvety and high-priced. I’ve, literally, cartons full of lippies, divided by colour. There is a “pinks” carton, a “reds” carton, a carton full of glossaries and liquid tubes, and an “I am certain I will want orange and purple at some stage” carton.


But until lately, you had never have understood it. Outside my house, I never wore lipstick for quite a while. Never. The most I’d do was a brilliant spot for serious make-up occasions like New Year’s Eve. The extremely smart, glamorous colors stayed with the total weirdo, where I had try them on only. I was too timid to go glowing out in public. I felt like, on me, those colours were “too much.” Like everyone would believe I was trying overly hard. When you put serious lipstick on, it is like a beam of light directed right at your mouth, and I was not prepared for that sort of interest, particularly not at my occupation, or on the train! Who was I attempting to impress, anyhow?

Subsequently, last year, late one night as I was layering distinct colors of OCC Lip Pitch in my toilet, it hit me: you know who I should be trying to impress? The total weirdo, dammit.

There is nothing wrong with getting just a little focus, for needing to seem amazing for others or yourself. Myself set out to alter my approach pronto. Myself ran out of for the very first time, and one, had to replace it. What is more: I need you to look at me, although Myself place this on for me, however you can look, also.

Are you like myself? I am aware this is an attractiveness website, so I might be the complete weirdo here. But if you have ever felt overly self-conscious, or not confident enough to rock some severely observable make-up, you can get over your anxiety, also. All you must do is:

1. Decide a patron makeup st
She wears whatever she enjoys and does not care what anyone else believes. Brilliant colours? Crazy eye shadow? Let us DO THIS. Your patron cosmetics saint could be anyone who radiates self-confidence and make-up artistry, to Effie Trinket to RuPaul from Jessica Rabbit. I BELIEVE NOT.”

2. Wish you could wear a glossy, scarlet red lip? Give it taking your action on the road! And you are not by yourself in this. There is lipstick guidance (ahem!). It’s possible for you to read all about getting the perfect matte orange or the right red, or whatever you desire. Myself highly propose doing some homework. (Now the greatest technique I have seen is BEFORE you apply red lipstick–attempt it, it is amazing to apply red lip stain).

3. GASP. Try wearing no one on the bus, if it faints from shock. Myself understand.

4. Only do it! When you first begin wearing vibrant colours on the job behave casual–kind of an “oh, this old thing?” scenario. You could constantly wipe your colour in the toilet off if you must. You seem great, assured, and so brilliant! Have fun!